The IVC Scholarship Online 2021 – 2022; How to Apply.

The IVC(International Vocational Center) Scholarship Is a scholarship made available to Nigerians by the Nigerian scholarship board.

This scholarship program is available to individuals both within the country and individuals in the diaspora.

The IVC(international vocational center) scholarship programs are centered on the semantics that would on a large scale improve human capacity and in turn provide opportunities for all.

The IVC Scholarship further stresses educational advancement via workable educational policies.

The IVC scholarship is divided into two groups. These groups are; Academic Scholarship and vocational scholarship.

The academic scholarship deals with everything academic-related such as registration of examinations and results.

The Vocational Scholarship focuses on training applicants in areas of their chosen skill. They do this with the management and supervision of the IVC.

The IVC provides training in areas such as poultry/fish farming, cobbling, beauty consultant.

More advanced classes with a longer practice duration include; Aeronautics in its entirety.

Interested applicants are to visit the official website and follow the instructions as stated.

Citizens of the country are urged to make the most out of this opportunity to enable them to be active, involved, and useful members of society. The scholarship further provides job creation opportunities to hard workers.

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