FIRS seals NDDC office in Rivers over outstanding N26bn tax debt

The Headquarters of the Niger Delta Development commission, was on Thursday sealed by the Federal inland revenue service (FIRS) over an outstanding tax debt.

Overtime, the (FIRS) has taken drastic action to enforce the payment of tax and to melt out penalty to defaulters whether to private or public institution. 

FIRS continue to warn that refusal to pay taxes as at when due, by both individuals and organizations, private or public will be considered a criminal offense and will be treated as such. Paying off taxes it says, is how we unitedly continue to build a country that we can call our own.

This is oweing to the debt that the country is gradually drowning in. The Chairman, FIRS, Mohammed Nami, said that it is payment of these taxes saves the Nigerian government from debt. While adding the the current FIRS and NDDC situation is as a result of a gap in communication between management, and that discussions have lead to decisions that will be announced to the general public before Monday.

Intense efforts on both side of the management are I play to make sure that the issue is resolved quickly and staffs resume their work.

The Chairman however, urged that institutions make arrangements if they have not already done so, to pay their taxes as at when due to avoid any discomfort and to avert any penalty that comes with overly due outstanding debts.

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