Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) 2021; How to apply

 The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a global competition for entrepreneurs.

The competition this year, as has been over the years, comprises over 100 thousand participants.

The EWC (Entrepreneurship World Cup) is funded by three co-host foundations; The global education and leadership foundation, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and the Misk Global Forum.

It is a competition that provides an interesting opportunity to around 175,000 entrepreneurs in about 200 countries. This competition further gives every applicants access to new workable networks, access to much-needed knowledge and provides those who emerge at the top capital to help them make improvements in areas that they need to.

Prizes available to be won are;

 Grand prize - $500,000

second place $250,000 

third place - $100,000 

Top idea stage - $100,000 

Top social enterprise - $100,000

Applicants who are interested in the Entrepreneurship world cup are encouraged to visit the official website; https://platform.entrepreneurshipworldcup.com/display/AN/EWC and follow the instructions as stated.

Further instructions will be communicated as they come.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to make the most out of this opportunity and to see it for more than just a source of income. They should be actively involved in the process of acquiring knowledge and developing a sustainable network.

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