ITF to take 7 million people out of poverty by 2030 – FG

The Federal Government of Nigeria has revealed that with the Industrial Training Fund, ITF, 7 million Nigerians will be taken out of poverty by 2030.

This was disclosed by the media aide to the Presidency, Femi Adesina in an interview with Channels TV on Sunday evening.

Adesina said;

“I had a projection from the ITF saying by 2030, ITF alone will take 7 million people out of poverty.

“…and you have government agencies that have given their targets of what they would do within a certain point,”


Adesina complained that the talking points of different government agencies on unemployment and poverty projections are never discussed by Nigeria but rather, “equivocation and problems over decades that we continue to focus on.

He continued;

“Let us look at the positive things for a change, it will help our psyche,”

It’s not one government that will do it (fix poverty), if the Buhari government says that it will take 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in ten years, that government will not be available for the next ten years because it has about 2 years and 2 months to go, its a progression in Nigeria,”
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