Government Jobs are not Profitable, Shun them - Gov Umahi to Youths

Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi has tasked Nigerian youths to shun federal government jobs which he claimed are not profitable to their destiny.

The governor made this known in his address to the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS during the 65th emergency senate meeting that took place at the Christian Ecumenical centre, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital.

He continued by advising the youths to desist from all forms of cultism and violence in their respective institutions. He stressed that the development and future of the country is in their care.

According to him: 

Which qualified leader in Nigeria will the youths follow? I say to our youths, you have followed so much, and it is time to take the future in your hands. Your leaders (NANS) are qualified leaders. We expect our children to be more than us.

“If you do not prepare a future for your children, your children will suffer more than you. You are struggling and if you don’t take time, your generation will not take over leadership and you will become old.

The governor continued;

If we do not take care of you, how will you take care of us? And I believe in you (Youths).

“We say there are no jobs, but it is not true. You are waiting for government jobs, but it doesn’t work. It makes you lazy and you grow old. What the government should do is to create the environment. It is only a few people that are employable.

“Put yourselves together to produce the future leaders of this country. If you are hired to destroy people, you are rather bringing curses upon yourselves. Success has a pattern, likewise failure. Resist to be hired to destroy others, for he who will destroy to succeed will surely get destruction waiting upon him.

Lastly, he said;

“Without the youths there will be no kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism. Let me tell you, those doing cultism in schools are those who are weak. These weak people come together to kill and to protect their weakness.

“You cannot see any intelligent young man or woman going into cultism. When you partake in killings, killing will flow in your generations,” 

Umahi in a similar remark blamed the increasing rate of kidnapping, armed robbery, bandits, cultism and killings in Nigeria on youths’ quest for quick wealth.
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